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Expectation from the new season of The Night Shift

Night shift at the hospital of San Antonio Memorial is the time and place of the craziest cases and incidents. Each shift is a struggle of the heroic efforts of staff with the brutal truth of a chronically underfunding as it is shown in the series The Night Shift. I hope that The Night Shift season 4 release date will be announced very soon.

At previous season you can find people working on the night shifts represent a special group, the brightest representative of which is TiSi Callahan. Army doctor, he was in three missions in Afghanistan and was unaware that the most brutal battles are waiting for him here. He has a crazy team. This is his best friend and his protégé Topher Drew. They know how fun cynical jokes help to let off steam.

But when the patient’s life is really in danger, they are all seriousness and responsibility. The head of the night shift and at the same time the former woman of TiSi, Dr. Jordan Aleksander, tries to somehow curb the subordinates. There are also interns Krista and Paul as well as experienced nurse Kenni who owns great prestige for doctors. The Night Shift shows a variety of different characters.

Some new releases that you can’t miss from SyFy

Here is fresh news about upcoming shows from SyFy channel.

Wynonna Earp – one of the most anticipated shows


Mystic adventure series Wynonna Earp is a cross between “Justice” and “Buffy”. The only thing is that the heroine rides a motorcycle, wears boots and a hat in cowboy style and sips whiskey with pleasure when she has spare time. Winona is sharp-tongued and not knowing what the word “restriction” means. She is a great-granddaughter of the well-known Wyatt Earp and the daughter of a lawyer. For the time being the heroine works as a federal marshal and shots excellently. She applies her abilities on fighting with demons and other supernatural creatures. The main opponent of the girl is devourer of the dead whose name is Raduk. His owner is the dark nature of the Egyptian pyramids. Radukov have zombies serving him, selling drugs, vampires hating normal people and mummies, owing business of hired killings. Wynonna Earp is a series the continuation of which is awaited by the viewers.

New episodes of Z Nation will wait us at third season

Check the trailer of the third season

Three years ago, America is hit by the zombie virus as it is shown in Z Nation season 3. The epidemic was so rapid that the population disappeared almost instantly. Despite that people tried to hide and be careful, the number of enemies still grows exponentially at a rate impossible to survive. Or is there still a chance? A handful of people still managed to avoid the common fate. The mission of these people now is to restore mankind. And help they may find only from a character who left a man after a zombie’s bite. In California there is still a laboratory, which can make blood tests of the lucky guy and get anti-body from it, so that to create a cure for the zombie virus. The only thing is where this citizen of New York is and this will be known from Z Nation season 3.