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    Ask Johnny

    some examples that got us started

    Written by Johnny Colt TV

    Popularity: 22% [?]

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    26 Responses to “Ask Johnny”

    1. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      hey johnny !! why are you so f n cool ?!


    2. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      I think you were just born cool Johnny, hehe =) I am sorry if this is up somewhere and I am being a bit slow. But when is The Lessons Never Learned book being released? I am guessing we will be able to purchase it through this website? Also what happens now with Supernova and C45, I mean I have not heard any updates about Jason… I really like the vibe you got going on with RSSN =)

      Sorry about all the questions, these have just been on my mind.

      Much Respect to you!


    3. Rating: ? | bcmo Says:

      Johnny…I loved you on the road with RSSN..thought you and Luke had a special connection…saw two shows and loved them both…
      I also very much like your photography and would like to know how you got into it and if your music and photography influence each other…
      I think you are a great musician and hope you and Lukas do more together in the future…
      thanks for the time..

    4. Rating: ? | Sterling1 Says:

      Johnny, you probably know the question that is on the minds of all posse. Will you be making music with Lukas and Dom? I surely hope so, you guys rock together.

      Love ya, Sterling

    5. avatar

      Rating: 3 | 3redheads Says:


      Did you just leave yourself a message? OMG! Too funny!

      Jolene-I say “Jason who?”

    6. Rating: ? | rock n roll junkie Says:

      I love your music and I love your attitude. My mother’s name is Rose, so I’m intrigued about you referring to your wife as The Rose. If it’s not too personal would you tell that story? Pretty please.
      Love ya
      PS You are so f’n cool!

    7. Rating: ? | dmyers69 Says:


      You are sooooo f’n coooool !! What do you see in your future? What ever it is…..I know it will be awesome !!!

    8. Rating: ? | Melinda is twisted... Says:

      I loved seeing you on the road with RSSN!
      When are you coming to SOCAL with ‘Lessons?’

      I would love to see you back in California
      even though Georgia is your ‘home base’!

      Love to all the ‘Self Made’ Men and Women out there.


    9. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

      Johnny, you crack me up, man. LOL ^^ I think we can safely put a “beautiful sense of humor” down on the ‘C45 coolness list.’ Also: charming amounts of modesty and humility! LOL ;-P You truly are a cool dude and we love ya, lad. I believe most folks would like to know what you’ll be blowin’ up, next, bro, after your foto/DJ gig. If even you know, yet. LOL Obviously, I love the vibe you have with Lukas, too. Hope you boys get to rock out, again, together, in the future. Peace, bro.

    10. Rating: ? | clairemc1 Says:

      Hey dude!!

      My question’s is:

      - Out of all the bands you have toured with, which one was the best and why?

      - Do you plan on coming back to the UK anytime soon?

      - Out of your own photography collection, which picture is your fave and why?

      - What made you want to start photography as both a hobby and a profession?

      - If you could create your ideal mega band, who would be included and why?

      - If you were shipwrecked on a desert island… what 5 things would you want with you?

      - What does the future hold for Sir Johnny Colt?

      I hope we hear these answerd on your online communion!!

      Much love dude!!

    11. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      tryin it this way

    12. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      responce is in the news tab ( ? )
      thanks for watchin me sort this out

    13. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      lukas,tommy and kilby are pretty hard to beat - non stop fun and crazy cool

      i miss the u k !!

      for this and more catch the next ON LINE COMMUNION

    14. avatar

      Rating: 3 | 3redheads Says:

      Can you tell us about your:

      -first tattoo
      -favorite tattoo

    15. Rating: ? | daft Says:

      Hi Johnny
      Knowing that you have your hand in many things, I wondered if you have ever tried actually doing a tattoo yourself. If so who was the brave first subject?

    16. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      first tattoo was from sunset tattoo !!!! in hollywood - i was 18 and living there at the time

    17. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      the severed head on my chest !!!!! nakano did the tattoo in japan

      huge honor and very hardcore at he time

    18. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      never tried a tattoo !!! once i became an owner of a shop i decided to never look like a wanna be or have the artists feel forced to deal with me - probably over thought it all……………………………….on the other hand temple tattoo is one of the best shops in the country………….so maybe i did just right

    19. Rating: ? | daft Says:

      LOL this may be puting you on the spot a bit, but did you actually watch Rockstar Supernova? (I won’t ask who you liked if you did, unless you want to volunteer that) Is there anything on TV that you never like to miss?

    20. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      I second daft’s question…

    21. Rating: 1 | GSGS Says:

      Johnny, I’ve just read the December ‘06 issue of Inside Kung Fu magazine, and have a question that arose from reading the article about your involvement with martial arts that was featured in it.

      You answered a question about how paricipating in these arts has affected your musical career, and you answered from a performance perspective, using counter-punching as a comparison. Given that these arts require such discipline and the finding of your physical and emotional center, has this helped or hindered in the actual creative process of writing either music or lyrics? I ask because sometimes the creative processes benefit more from letting go of disciplines by which the rest of our lives might benefit.

      If I keep talking, I’ll probably be able to answer my own question (that emotional center might be the key).

      Thanks, if you can find the time to comment.

      Given Sugar

    22. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      Sorry for the double post. I asked this over in News, but then thought it should really be here…Do you know what time you will be DJing the set that is live on Q100 radio? I see you can listen online, so us peeps that are not able to be there can listen online, drink lots of RedBull, close our eyes and dance around our living rooms and pretend we are there =)

    23. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      Doh, just ignore me. I need to open my eyes… It says 12.15am =) Sorry.

    24. Rating: ? | wrede66 Says:

      Thanks for the big headed Bear! -India and Molly

    25. Rating: ? | thatgirl60 Says:

      Hey Johnny! Help me please!!!! I met you and the RSSN guys in Everett, WA during the M & G session. Unfortunately my pictures are missing from the series that was posted on the Platinum Photo site. I have called Fanfire several times, emailed the photo site, and have left messages for Jenny. No one has been able to help me, and Jenny has not returned my voice mails (she is the one who took the pics and met us for the M & G). I doubt you will remember me, but you and the rest of the band signed my strat (leftie - black & white), and during the photos, Lukas held my guitar and I held his beer… I really appreciate the autographs on my strat, but I cannot replace the photos that appear to be missing. Can you help a desperate fan in Seattle??? I am going to be broken hearted if my pictures with you and the band can’t be located.

      Janet in Seattle…

    26. Rating: ? | johnnycolt Says:

      hey peeps -
      its all love baby

      that girl 60 - lost pix - owch - that hurts !!!!!!!! so sorry
      i totally remeber your guitar - who is jenny ?
      happy to help if i can

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