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    Bad boy bill

    D J bad boy bill

    Destroyed club fever last night !!!!!

    Skull crackin trance of redbull and andrenaline

    Shut the joint down hangin with bill and his peeps

    Hats off to tucker and the fever crew……………………………………….KA-BOOM


    If we sit we can’t dance !!!!!!!!
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    Written by Johnny Colt

    Popularity: 81% [?]

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    4 Responses to “Bad boy bill”

    1. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

      Hey, Johnny. You’re hangin’ with some perilous, world-wreckin’ amigos, it sounds like. Good on ya, lad. LOL ^^ Glad you’re having a blast. Let’s see… I’m still awake, 100% naturally, at 6:30 a.m. Do I need Red Bull? Mmmm… Probably not. ^^ I think I’m covered in the adrenaline department, as well. You can thank your boy, Lukas, droppin’ summer tour dates on us for that phenomenon. Wish I could get down to your neck of the woods, too, but that’s a leeetle bit far for my wings, at the moment. ^^

      You know, I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen you dance, yet. Rock out on stage, yes. But, hit the dance floor in your boogie-woogie shoes and “trip the light fantastic?” Not yet. ^^ Something to look forward to, I’m sure. As for me, I have been known to “shake my tail feathers,” from time to time. ^^

      Come Saturday, it will be your turn to level a few city blocks. Let’s clock your adrenaline levels on *that* night, buddy. LOL I expect that event to register on the Richter Scale. ^^

    2. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

      By the way, that’s a cool video for a great song, too. Looks like “Final Fantasy” type animation. Or, something from that style of Anime/video game genres.

    3. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      Sounds like FUN =)

      Red bull and adrenaline, thats a good mix… A good mix for Johnny to get his dance on.

      Love from me

    4. Rating: ? | 3redheads Says:

      Red bull and adrenaline? Dangerous territory! That’s no sleep, bouncing off the wall territory.

      As far as the video, I thought the video featured real people. The anime is that good! Music videos have come a long way!

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