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    • Sanlin
    • on LISTEN LIVE ONLINE tonight!
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    dancin shoes !!!!

    If u sit - we can’t dance

    Its on this sat - I wanna dance with each and everyone of u fuckerrzz !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Written by Johnny Colt

    Popularity: 92% [?]

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    5 Responses to “dancin shoes !!!!”

    1. Rating: ? | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      Hi Johnny, I am soooo excited for you! I bet you and your family are pumped about this weekend =) I wont be there, but will be sending you all my good vibes and best wishes. You better save a dance for me, for the next time you head over to New Zealand, hehe.

      I cant wait to hear all about it!!!

      Love and Respect,


    2. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

      *heh heh heh* Come out West, Johnny, after you’ve reduced your city to rubble, and you’ll have a full dance card. I guarantee. Lovely to see you so energized and excited. I think I detect a “Tommyism” creeping into your lingo. LOL ;-P You and your boys will have the crowd on their feet in ATL rockin’ out and partying, hard, all night long. I should rush out and buy some stock in Red Bull, because sales will be through the roof, this weekend. LOL ;-P Grab some video when you’re burnin’ up the dance floor, man. Bet you have some cool moves to bust out. Yeeeeaaaiiiiaaahh! (There’s a “Lukeism.” LOL ^^) I’m psyched for the peeps that will be there to take part in the mayhem and magic. So happy the gig’s finally going down for you, brother. I just scored tix to Luke’s show in Seattle, so I’m *happy dancing* on the Isle, too. ^^ Gotta love it when all our boys are joyful, busy and having fun. Put on your dancin’ shoes and rock the night away, bro.

    3. Rating: ? | 3redheads Says:

      Oh oh! We’re locking up the Red Bull Hope I can take pictures…for The Colt Report, of course.

    4. Rating: ? | thatgirl60 Says:

      Hey Johnny! I would love to dance with you! However I am here to ask you for a favor. We met you and the guys in Everett, WA during the M & G session. Unfortunately my pictures are missing from the ones that were posted on the Platinum Photo site. I have called Fanfire several times, emailed the photo site, and have left messages for Jenny. No one has been able to help me, and Jenny has not returned my voice mails (she is the one who took the pics and met us for the M & G). I doubt you will remember me, but you and the rest of the band signed my strat (leftie - black & white). During the photos, Lukas held my guitar and I held his beer… I really appreciate the autographs on my stratm but I cannot replace the photos that appear to be misplaced. Can you help a desperate fan???

      Janet in Seattle….

    5. Rating: ? | MillerMusic Says:

      Lets Rock The House!! “Miller Music” will be there..Will you??? Rebull Time Baby!! Wooo

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