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    Thank you

    To every one at the colt report
    And all the fans who came from so far to help breath live into the ZODIAC………………

    Baptizmal by the fire of love

    Remeber the dragons wordz

    If u sit - we can’t dance !!!!!!!!!

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    Written by Johnny Colt

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    6 Responses to “Thank you”

    1. Rating: ? | 3redheads Says:

      Thank YOU and everyone in your camp who helped make the night possible! We appreciate all you did for us. It was truly a memorable night.

      There were more friends from The Colt Report, but we couldn’t seem to catch up with them at the show. They also had a blast and are talking about coming to your next event!

    2. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

      Even though I was not able to attend the Compound event, I would like to add my thanks to Johnny and everyone involved for their time, talent, hard work, dedication, graciousness, generosity and kindness. Those who were fortunate enough to witness the destruction of ATL LOL obviously had a fantastic time. As for the Zodiac-can’t wait to see/hear that fabulous monster do some more damage. Thanks, guys.

    3. avatar

      Rating: 3 | Jolene from Christchurch Says:

      Hi there Johnny =) Thanks for looking after all the peeps so well that were able to attend… Everyone I have spoken to said you were the perfect host. And from what I have heard, the ZODIAC is a BEAST from hell!!! =)

      Love ya Johnny…

    4. Rating: ? | GSGS Says:

      “If u sit - we can’t dance!! C-45
      That’s T-shirt logo material.
      If one can read anything into the printed word in the way of excitement, I’d say
      a great time was had by all. It always takes more than one person to make an event
      like this a success, and I congratulate each of them. Special thanks to The Colt Report for
      so generously agreeing to represent those of us who, sadly, couldn’t make it this time.

    5. Rating: ? | Sterling1 Says:

      Johnny, Thank you for doing all the things you did for us to make it a most memorable night. One I will not forget. Thank you for spending so much time with us, I enjoyed every minute of talking with you and your wife. I even met with some people there at your party that remember me from the concerts. Got hugs from people that I couldn’t remember, but I knew I had met before, just don’t know there name or remember what they did on the tour. So sorry out there, it was nice to see you again. Have more parties Johnny I would love to come!
      Love always to you and your wife,

    6. Rating: ? | CelenaUSA1 Says:

      Johnny, thanks for the totally awesome evening. You really made it special for us Colt Reporters. I enjoyed meeting you, your wife, and the other peeps. You made each one of us feel special! You rocked us with your DJ’ing and blowed us away with your Zodiac guitar. I danced all night…never wanted to sit down! Hope to hear more from you and your Zodiac real soon!

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