Club fever

Watched the buckcherry boyz roll off - next stop club fever

Rollin with tucker and jim………………….

Blowin up fever with D J mike B

This party just don’t stop !!!!!!

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Written by Johnny Colt

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4 Responses to “Club fever”

  1. Rating: ? | GSGS Says:

    Well I’m exhausted and it’s 3 hours earlier here on the left coast. Good night you party animal.

  2. Rating: 1 | 3redheads Says:

    The party just doesn’t stop, does it?
    Did you DJ? If so, I think someone has DJ FEVER!

  3. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

    *heh heh* “Go, Johnny, go!” If it wasn’t already taken, I’d add Johnny “Fever” to your growing list of nicknames for your club-hoppin’ party boy excursions. ^^

    And Johnny “Thunder” for when you ride the lightning in studio with your Zodiac. Keep that beast just hungry enough that it doesn’t devour any of your staff or musical interns. ^^ “Hey, where’d the new guy go?” *Zodiac looks very innocent, until brashly requests a toothpick instead of a guitar pick* LOL ^^

    Glad you’re in full party mode and having a rockin’ weekend. I enjoy your enjoyment and am happy for your happiness. LOL

    Thanks, again, to you and JJ for opening up the message board, too. You are “too cool for school” in how generous you are with your fans and how giving you are with your time, despite being one of the busiest guys on the planet. I salute you, Sir! *snaps off a crisp salute with wing tip*

    Be good to you for me, bro. Peace.

  4. Rating: ? | Sanlin Says:

    LOL “Great minds think alike,” Kim. Okay, that has to be Sir Johnny’s DJ name… “DJ Fever.”

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