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TV series “Better Call Saul”TV series “Better Call Saul”

Vince Gilligan and Thomas Schnauz, scenario writers of “The X-Files” and later about a bald ex-teacher of chemistry with cancer, keep creating pre-story of a lawyer Saul Goodman. Upcoming “Better Call Saul” season 3 promises the peaceful temp of plot’s unwinding before some crucial event, mesmerizing atmosphere and light Breaking-Bad nostalgia, development of Jimmy’s moral resilience, change of name, surname and values on his way up the career ladder. And there will be falling 9 times and rising 10 ones.

In case you need the same resilience in decisions, stubbornness and perspective of own future and light in the end of the tunnel –

Film “Gold”gold movie

Director of the political thriller “Syriana” and scenario writer of drama “Traffic” Stephen Gaghan has made films for wider screen quite long ago. For the leading role in the film mentioned he invited Matthew McConaughey who currently is having his second career wind. He (McConaughey), however, has been changed beyond recognition. Balding looser Kenny Wells sets his mind to find gold in the jungles of Indonesia but his partner (Edgar Ramirez) is the same type of winner in his life. In the course of time Kenny will definitely be involved in a large-scale risky financial scheme with very high stakes.

TV series “The Good Fight”TV series “The Good Fight” download

The experienced lawyer Diane Lockhart is going to relax the rest of her life as one day she looses all of her savings in the financial pyramid. Young lawyer played by Rose Leslie (whom we know as a red-haired beloved of John Snow in “Game of the Thrones”) finds herself in the very epicenter of family and political scandal related to the same pyramid mentioned and losses her first job. Both of them get into a small company which specializes onto struggle with police violations and where only African Americans work. “The Good Wife”, side branch of the main CBS hit, is crammed with pleasant connections with the original series. The old loved characters, a line of eccentric judges and lawyers, memories about Alish and Will from time to time. Watching “The Good Fight” is possible even if you hadn’t seen the first CBS series, you may download television show free Burning issue in the basis of every judicial case, bright leads, witty dialogues and irony concerning the recent technologies – aspects mentioned will cause interest in devotees of politically-social series like “House of Cards” and “Black Mirror”. By the way, for now in the TV series there are much more politics than love relations. Pilot starts with Tramp’s inauguration. The main leads (women, lesbians, African Americans) are in an opposition and it looks like “The Good Fight” with ideas and action of the newly elected president of the USA will become a plot for many seasons of the new project.


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