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Tommy Lee Goes to College Complete Series DVD (with FREE bonus offer)

$ 17.99
Special Offer! Order now and get an 8.5×11” print of Tommy, Natalie the hot tutor and Matt his college roommate with every DVD purchase! You’ll also get an 8.5” x 11 print of Tommy firing the Huskers Weiner Rocket he used to launch some hot dogs into the crowd with at the football game! See the pictures of this product to see the bonus items.

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Bonus Features on the DVD Include:
-Good Times Music Video
-Good Times Behind-The-Scenes Video
-Hello, Again Behind-The-Scenes Video
-Tryin’ To Be Me Behind-The-Scenes Video

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) welcomes a motley new student to its campus - notorious rocker Tommy Lee! At the age of 19, Tommy formed Motley Crue, sending him on a meteoric rise to fame and fortune - so who had time for college? Tommy was busy touring the world and living the fast life for two glorious decades. Cut to Tommy Lee today, twice divorced and the single father of two boys. Most men in their midlife crisis buy sports cars and date young women, but Tommy wants something different, something money can’t buy: academic redemption. Tommy packs up his bags, kisses his mom goodbye and heads off to UNL, but it won’t be class as usual when the new student is Tommy Lee. Like classic “situation comedies,” each of the six, half-hour episodes will find Tommy floundering in a new fish-out-of-water situation - quintessential collegiate challenges such as finding his roommate Matt, trying out for the marching band, and cramming for finals in true Tommy Lee fashion with his hot tutor, Natalie, in tow. From executive producers Eddie October (Bands Reunited), dance/electronica legend BT, Richard Bishop and Brad Wyman (Monster).