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Going on the morning - seg called MALE BAG ?
The norman mailer here I come - minus the talent of course
pardon typos
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  • Comment by Sanlin — February 3, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

    Johnny, you have more talent in your little finger than most people do in their entire bodies-and over their whole lifespan. You are the most multitalented human being I know. If there’s anything that you don’t excel at (perhaps apart from climbing rope ladders or sleeping… ever ), I’ve yet to see it. I love what I’ve seen of your writing so far-be it your poetry, fiction, nonfiction or screenplays. You’re talented in more ways and more genres/areas than Norman Mailer could possibly have ever dreamed of… I have never seen anyone else that so genuinely represents the living embodiment of a “Renaissance Man.” You’re universally artistic-across all genres and mediums-athletic and brilliant. You were at the head of the line when the Big Guy was handing out creative gifts-and you employ each of them to the highest possible level of achievement. You are a living marvel and I enjoy seeing you endlessly challenge yourself to learn, grow, advance and achieve in new fields of endeavor. Never sell yourself short, lad… you’re unique and the ideal for what human beings should strive to become and how they should conduct themselves. Not that I want to put you on an impossible high pedestal, or anything. You’d probably just bungee jump or skydive off of it, if I did, anyway. LOL {{{Johnny}}} Lots of people *believe* they’re God’s gift to humanity… but you actually *are* and it’s marvelous to see you in action, whatever your restless spirit, clamorous Muses and piercing intellect inspire you to follow.

    Oh… and I hope you have fun on the show. ^^ LOL {{{Johnny}}}

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