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So I heard Dilanna was visiting you and you guys were in the studio what’s
up with that?

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  • Comment by Sanlin — August 11, 2007 @ 7:26 am

    Cool, cool. The favorable impression obviously went both ways. I read what Dilana had to say about her time and experiences in the ATL and it is glowingly complimentary, appreciative and upbeat. As I’ve said many times, Johnny, you and your crew are masters at inspiring people to reach down inside themselves to bring out their greatest talents, highest attributes and finest performances. I’m sure folks will be blown away by whatever y’all dream up at your sekrit laboratory. LOL Your resident ‘mad scientists’ have some mighty impressive musical resumes and artistic backgrounds. Only good things can come out of that protean, creative, dedicated, focused and supportive environment. Hope y’all enjoy the process and have an amazing time.

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