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What’s the deal on the DJ front?

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  • Comment by Sanlin — August 11, 2007 @ 5:59 am

    Awesome, Johnny. Can’t wait to discover what you and Mike are creating, together. I’m happy to hear about new gigs and a foto show coming up. You have always drawn upon multifarious influences, genres and styles in music throughout your career. Additionally, you have a razor-sharp eye for talent and an undeniable knack for bringing out the best in everyone around you. You’re constantly experimenting, learning and educating yourself about new technologies and emerging developments in music. But, you also know how to bring it “old school” and that’s a powerful combination.

    I must say, the two gigs I witnessed you blow up in June, in Portland, were some of the best times I’ve had in recent memory. Between the two nights, I must have danced about 6-8 hours, straight. I tell folks that if I’d had any more fun, they would have been packing me home on my Viking shield or in a body bag. LOL ^^ And, it’s enjoyable music… tunes that bring back good memories from nights gone by. I understand exactly what you’re saying about the DJ scene, as a whole, not necessarily being for you. But, part of it is a pure, energizing, unadulterated and joyful experience. And, if stuffy, proper, dignified Owls can shake their tail feathers out on the dance floor, *anyone* can do it. LOL ^^

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